Porcelain Figurine Repair

This old Meissen ceramic had been poorly repaired a few decades ago using some kind of cheap epoxy glue that got dark brown over time. Stored in an attic for years, it was brought to Fine Art restoration for a full spotless restoration. This piece was originally a lamp. The owner wanted to simply enjoy it as a statue. The first task was to remove all the old glue using several baths of various solvent. This step has to be done slowly and in conservational way since this is a low fired ceramic that is very porous. Using the wrong technique could make the old glue penetrate even further in the ceramic making it very difficult to reassemble. After carefully scraping all the edges of what was left of the thick glue we were ready to reassemble all the parts and make it one again.

Antique Art Restoration

Once all the parts are perfectly clean of any composite product, itís time to start a careful bonding. This procedure requires to start figuring out in what order the parts should be reattached. It takes hours on a piece like this to figure out the right order before actually starting to connect the parts. We use a water thin bonding agent that penetrates the finest cracks so each seem is the tightest possible. We use an activator that freezes the bond in place permanently. This bonding solution is crystal clear and is not altered by UV rays so it will never yellow. Once this is completed, the filling process starts. We use a composite putty of the finest grain that cures to the hardness of porcelain.

Porcelain Repair

Once the filling is done we airbrush a coating, crystal clear, that is scratch resistant and UV stable. This allows us to fill up the gaps that are to small to physically reach and to smooth out any imperfections. Several ultra thin layers are needed with fine sending in between them. Then the surface is as perfect as it once was. The next step involves airbrushing cold glazes over the crack lines to match the fired glazes of the item. Some will be applied with a paintbrush to get the right effect. For the Final step we airbrush a last layer of clear protective coating that will seal in all the paint job.

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